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We grab the mic, we rock the party!

Corporate Event Organisers

At Ingram Entertainment, we love building multifaceted entertainment for corporate events. We do all aspects of making your event amazing, including securing and managing talent (such as dancers and musicians), developing and directing choreographed components, emceeing, and providing live or prerecorded music as a DJ.

Let’s get the party started.

Types of Events

We do it all, big or small. Some corporate parties we have facilitated include:

  • Team trainings
  • Global conferences
  • Employee appreciation events
  • Holiday parties
  • Awards banquets
  • After parties

Whether your event is just a few hours or spans a number of days, we will create a customized solution that works perfectly.

Elevated Events with the Wim Hof Method

When you want to add even more energy and focus to your corporate event, let us elevate the experience by incorporating the Wim Hof method. Through a combination of meditation and breathing exercises, Wim Hof helps to regulate stress levels. Our trained facilitators will guide participants through the exercises and help them re-center and refocus on the agenda.

Case Study

For an annual company appreciation event at an Arizona-based fitness company, we choreographed and directed 6 dancers in an opening number, which involved call and response to get the entire audience engaged. Then, we directed a segment that started with the president and CEO arguing on stage and transformed into a dance battle. That got everyone on the dance floor, completely engaged with the event, which was followed by music with another DJ.

Let’s get the party started.

When we’re behind the turntables, you’re on the dance floor!

Ingram Entertainment is the #1 choice for your next event, party or celebration!

We Specialize in Weddings & Bar Mitzvah’s

Whether you want a small intimidate wedding or a large extravaganza for your wedding day, Ingram Entertainment will keep your guests entertained all night long! We can also host Bar Mitzvah’s and specialize in Bar Mitzvah entertainment in Scottsdale, AZ.

We grab the mic,
we rock the party!